Basketball is back!

Get excited folks. The Nba is starting back up in less than a week even though it feels like last season just ended. I still don’t believe Ray Allen hit that shot. He traveled.

But regardless, we have to move on and look ahead to this season. The most newsworthy topic is the return of Derrick Rose. We joked that he was taking forever to come back and that instead of playing for the Bulls, he was now playing for the hospital but he has looked better than ever in these preseason games. Ask Reggie Jackson.

Reggie Jackson still has no clue where Derrick Rose went after that crossover. Poor Reggie should take some time off to really find himself and do some soul searching.

Rose has been shooting 52% from beyond the arc so far in the preseason. I know it’s only the preseason but if he can hit that three pointer consistently, that’ll be trouble for the rest of the league.

The Thunder will be without Russell Westbrook for at least a couple of weeks to start the season. They clearly struggle when he isn’t out there. I’ll be rooting for Kevin Durant to play lights out and win the MVP this season but without Russell at 100% they won’t have a shot at the title. Jeremy Lamb will be big for them this season and Steven Adams will take over Perkins’s starting spot by the middle of the year.

The Sixers will ironically win six games this season. They’re all in on the Andrew Wiggins sweepstakes.

Kyrie Irving has the best handle in the league. Watch this video and try not to get excited about the season.

Greg Oden dunked last night. I’m actually real happy for him and hope he can become the player he was supposed to become but I’m predicting he plays a career high 3 games this season.

The Pacers will be really good. They were one of the best teams in the league last year when their bench consisted of Tyler Hansborough and Dj Augustine. Now they have Danny Granger, Luis Scola and CJ Watson coming off the bench. I think this is finally the year they are legitimate threats to win a championship because their young guys have the necessary experience now.

The Celtics are going to be so bad it’ll make Jared Sullinger want to beat his girlfriend some more. I pray for her safety. Noone wants this team to succeed more than she does.

Buy league pass just so you can watch the Golden State Warriors play basketball this season. You won’t regret it.


NFL Thoughts of the Week

Brett Favre said no to coming back to football. The apocalypse is really upon us ladies and gentleman. This is it. This is the end. I think he only said no because it was the Rams that called him to come back. A team that would make sense for him would be the Browns if they’re trying to get younger at quarterback.

Pat McAfee is the best hitter this league has ever seen. Holliday season came a little early! There have been talks of him primarily playing strong safety for the rest of the season. I’m all for it.

The Nfl announced the games that will be played in London next season. For the second year in a row the Jaguars are going to be traveling overseas to give those fans excitement they’ve never seen before. Honestly I think Roger Goodell is sneakily trying to kick the Jaguars out of the country and I’m all for it.

The Vikings are rotating in three different quarterbacks this season and all three of them are blind. Not a great way to win games. Josh Freeman completed 20 of 53 passes this past week. He’s hitting .370 and is 7th in the American League in batting average. Bring back Brett.

Janoris Jenkins might be slightly mentally retarded. I’m not a doctor though so don’t quote me on that. He researched all kinds of things about Steve Smith before playing against him on Sunday to talk trash to him and try to get him mad. He didn’t know that STEVE SMITH LOVES PLAYING MAD. Steve Smith is 5’8 and is easily the biggest gangsta in this league. He went on to embarrass Janoris and had the best touchdown celebration of the year so far with his “You ain’t Deion” dance. Check it out if you haven’t seen it.

Kellen Clemens is the starting quarterback for the Rams. Jokes.

I think the Packers will win the NFC. Shhh don’t tell anyone I told you though. Nobody is talking about them and they’re slowly rounding into form. Their offense is starting to click even with the injuries because they finally have a running game that they haven’t had in about a decade. Their defense is playing at a top 10 level and it’s been a while since they’ve looked this good.

I’m all for it.

Legend of Drunken Sackmaster

“I can’t handle my liquor, and these lineman can’t haaandle me”

Aldon Smith’s been one of the best players in the league at attacking the quarterback over the past couple of years. Well apparently he’s been attacking his liver just as ferociously recently. Dude got a DUI at 7 in the morning after crashing his car. Do you know how hard you have to party to get a DUI at 7 in the morning?? Think about it. You’d have to still be drinking heavily at 5 in the morning. I don’t know whether to be critical or to be impressed.

Aldon was still allowed to play against my Colts this past Sunday but NO WEAPON formed against us shall prosper. He still played pretty well with a sack and a quarterback hit during the game. It’d kinda be hilarious if Aldon was a terrible player when he’s sober. Hennessy is to him what spinach is to Popeye.

Hey guys if he keeps this up his career will soon be All don *hits drums*. I hope he gets right. He’s a monster on the defensive end and one of the most fun players to watch on that side of the ball.

Random NFL thoughts:

Von Miller’s been getting Mile High as hell.

Eli needs a TE to be elite. (I don’t even believe that. I just wanted to use the play on words)

Alex Smith does not have the physical ability to throw the ball over 6 yards.

Josh Freeman has completed 45% of his throws this year. He’s Dwight Howard at the free throw line.

My Colts are going to win 800 Superbowls bubba

Its a TRAP!


So the first week of the Waiver Wire is upon us ladies and gentleman.

He’s my opinion on who’s worth the pick up and whos a waste of time

Julian Edelman. This guys is flying onto rosters because of his great week 1. Yes he has experience, yes he is familiar with the Patriots offense, and yes Tom Brady is comfortable with him but no i don’t want him on my team. The patriots are an offensive machine that can turn anybody into a star any given week. There has been plenty of time you see somebody be a huge part of the offense and then disappear the next week. I just can trust who will get the ball in New England. Also, defenses will focus on him a bit more because they will take the risk and adjust if necessary with the Patriots rookies. This is not even factoring in the mess they have at running back.

Julius Thomas. aka Lebron James in pads. This guy is big, athletic, and fast. Great pick up if you still have the chance. Peyton likes his tight ends throughout his career. Thomas won’t put up 2 TDs every game but he will get Jason Witten type of numbers with 30-50 yards and high chance of a TD.

Joique Bell.  Reggie Bush already has like 27 injuries. They want to keep Bush as healthy as possible and will split the workload with Bell to lighten the load for Bush. Bell is fast and elusive and with more carries will be an interesting addition to any roster looking for high upside.

Zach Sudfield. He isn’t owned on any league right? Not playing on Thursday and Gronk may be back week 3. Enough Said.

Leonard Hankerson. Coach Mike Shanahan said he need more playing time after one game. Hss he watched him at all last year? Hankerson drops a lot of balls. He’ll get more playing time and then lose it again after dropping balls that could be big plays. Don’t be fooled.

Marlon Brown. Listen they can’t just throw it to Ray Rice and Torrey Smith. They need the slot receiver and Marlon Brown is that guy until Jacoby Jones returns. Good pick up but would never feel comfortable starting him.

Harry Douglas. I never thought a receiver handcuff was possible but it is and its name is Harry Douglas. Roddy White is hurting from an ankle injury and he admitted it’s effecting his gameplay. Harry Douglas stepped up on that explosive offense and took advantage of the extra coverage Julio Jones got. This will continue folks, NOT A FLUKE!

Brandon Jacobs. Okay this is a very biased choice. I loved Brandon Jacobs when he was in New York and now he is back. If he gets just goal line work like before he will start for me and i will get at least 6 points from 4 yards and a TD.

Just One Game…Relax


Let me start off by saying that this week i finished this week by winning 3 out of 4 leagues. 3 out of 4? Thats great! Of course it doesn’t matter to certain folk that love giving me shit for everything i say. Hey whatever it happens when you’re an expert fantasy football analyst, you’ll get haters. 

SO what happened this week…

Jake from Statefarm

Demaryius Thomas. Wow speak about junk time. Stupid Peyton Manning was shredding the Baltimore defense with throws to Wes Welker. So they took coverage off of Thomas and onto Welker and then Thomas scores BIG. The game was over and this guy was held to just a few catches with a TD before he broke one catch off for a 78 yard TD totaling 14 points. I still believe Thomas will be a victim of too many mouths to feed in Denver

DeSean Jackson. I was just wrong. The Eagles were throwing it to DeSean and it wasn’t the long ball. They ran over 50 plays in the first half and with that kind of volume DeSean will get a bunch of looks. This offense is explosive and anybody with Eagles will love it.

Jason Witten. Witten scoring multiple TDs is always a possibility when he has his best friend Romo throwing him the ball. I was just hoping it wasn’t the first week. 

Chavez’s Team

Cecil Shorts. Cecil Shorts and I are suffering from a bad QB in Jacksonville. Gabbert couldn’t get him the ball and as soon as Henne got in the game ….boom….a total of 40 yards for Cecil Shorts. Hes going to be a great start if Henne is QB, if not you need to find a replacement.

CJ Spiller. Well gambling on CJ Spiller is really paying off. He got a whopping 3 points! As he got those 3 points Fred Jackson got a total of 108 yards for 10 points. I really do believe this is a fluke for Spiller but also think Jackson will get more touches than previously believed. I luckily grabbed both in the draft and will be starting both because Buffalo will run a lot.

Chris Ivory. Yuck! It disgusts me having to play a Jets player and i got exactly what i feared. I hope i can count for more than 15 yards from a starting RB. He has the talent but that will only get you a few more starts in my team.

Knowshon. I was actually surprised as to how much Moreno was actually on the field. It makes me very comfortable starting him until i see Ball entering the equation more. The 5 points were not great but it was my flex and I gambled by starting him.

This match up ended with

Jake from Statefarm 129 Chavez’s Team 111

God dammit Demaryius Thomas and my RBs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Week 1 Start ’em or Sit ’em

Football is back! We have an actual game tonight playboys. This is the greatest day of my life.

We have actual games and fantasy players to analyze and debate. Here are a few guys I think will have great games in week 1 and some guys who might struggle. I tried not to pick completely obvious guys.

Start ’em

Andrew Luck – My Colts might up a hunnid on this Raiders team this weekend. The man that’s going to be leading that charge is wearing number 12. Look for him to have a great game with around 350 yards and 3 scores. Honestly you should probably start anyone on your roster if they’re playing the Raiders that particular week. That team won’t be very good at American football this year.

Sit ’em

Cam Newton – Alright alright. You’re probably not sitting Cam Newton this week unless you drafted a backup with a much favorable matchup this week. Just don’t expect Cam to have an amazing performance against that Seattle defense that’s coming into town.

Running Back
Start ’em

Maurice Jones-Drew – The Jaguars should realize that their best bet to stay competitive in games is putting the ball in Mjd’s hands rather than Blaine Gabbert’s. Mjd says that he is 100% and ready to be one of the best running backs in the league again. Kansas City gave up the 3rd most points to running backs last season. Look at me throwing stats out there. Look at ya boy.

Darren Sproles – You’d be smart to start whoever you have in that ATL-NO matchup this week. That should be a shootout and all the fantasy players involved should benefit. Drew Brees and Sean Payton love using Sproles. Look for him to have one of his best games of the season this weekend.

Sit ’em

Eddie Lacy – Lacy might be an every down back for this Packers team this season but it’s still a team that passes too much to have a running back make a major impact. They play the 49ers this week who are the best team in the league at preventing the run. Lacy might be a player to target as a buy low trade option after this week.

Chris Ivory – Earlier this week the Jets announced that Bilal Powell has earned the starting spot in the Jets’ backfield. Ivory is the more talented back and was battling injuries during camp and should get the majority of the carries throughout the year. This week they play the Bucs who gave up a league low 71 yards rushing per game to opposing running backs last season. Avoid the Jets.

Also sit any running back on Chavez’s roster.

Wide Receivers
Start ’em

Torrey Smith – Torrey Smith should have one of his best games of the season tonight. He’s one of the few receiving options Joe Flacco can trust. The Denver defense is beat up and suspended right now. Champ Bailey won’t be there to cover Smith tonight. Smith could be a sell high candidate after tonight’s game.

Danny Amendola – As long as he’s healthy, Amendola will be a better player than even Wes Welker was in this offense. We’ll see how long that’ll be but when he’s out there he’ll produce. Stephon Gilmore is one of the best corners in the league. He’ll be out for half the season for the Bills so there won’t be much stopping Amendola from a monster performance on Sunday.

Sit ’em

Steve Smith – He’s one of my favorite receivers of all time and should still have a good season. I just don’t think it’ll be a good start to the season for him. The Seattle secondary is probably the best in the league. Richard Sherman will be covering Smith for the majority of the game. 80% chance those two get into a fight during the game.

Mike Wallace – He might become a great weapon for Tannehil in the long run but I don’t think it starts this week against Joe Haden and the Browns. Wallace and his quarterback haven’t built up their chemistry yet and that should take some time.

Week 1 Pick ’em

DEN over BAL
NE over BUF
CLE over MIA
SEA over CAR
CIN over CHI
MIN over DET
IND over OAK (by like 80 son)
KC over JAX
NO over ATL
TB over NYJ
PIT over TEN
SF over GB
STL over ARZ
DAL over NYG
PHI over WAS (gotta be bold somewhere)
HOU over SD

Challenge Accepted.

Moseph’s Team

You know when Chavez and I started this blog, we figured it’d just be something fun for our friends to read. But BOY we had no idea the blog would blow up like this. I mean we sometimes even get over 10 views per post. Wooo! If we ever get to 20?? I’m going completely Hollywood on my friends. If they want to speak with me once I average 20 views, they’ll have to contact my assistant first. I might change my name to Twenty Views. You might see me in the streets but shorty you don’t know me.

But anyways I digress. Throughout the summer, Chavez has been referring to himself as a fantasy football expert. Boy is he using that term loosely. He then showed you the team he’s comprised in the league that both he and I are in so you’ve kinda seen the truth. In that league, we had a physical combine to determine the draft order. Being the tremendously gifted athlete that I am, I won the combine and got the first pick in the draft. God is good all the time. Chavez had the second pick so we were constantly picking right ahead of each other in the snake format.

With the first pick I boldly selected Adrian Peterson. I just have a feeling it’ll pay off in the long run.

I then had to wait for the snake to come all the way back around to me at picks 20 and 21. Another running back is what I was hoping for at 20. Maurice Jones Drew was the best available one at that spot.

At 21 I chose Drew Brees. I definitely didn’t think he’d still be available at that pick with Aaron Rodgers being picked with the 10th pick. So I ended up with the #1 running back and #1 quarterback from last season. Not too shabby playa

I’ll spare you the essay. Here’s the rest of my team. It’s a pretty well rounded team. The wide receiver position is my weakest at this time but I’ll work on it throughout the year.

Moseph's Team

By the way, Chavez only spells words like that and has all those grammatical errors for comedic purposes. I swear he does.

I Challenge Moe.

This is an open invitation but mostly a challenge directed at Moe for a weekly pick ’em. End of season winner with better record gets not only bragging rights but also $$$

Week 1:
DEN over BAL
NE over BUF
CLE over MIA
SEA over CAR
CHI over CIN
DET over MIN
IND over OAK
KC over JAX
NO over ATL
TB over NYJ
PIT over TEN
GB over SF
STL over ARZ
NYG over DAL
WAS over PHI
HOU over SD

Week One Matchup Preview

The start of the NFL season is less than 24 hours away! Hearts will be broken after the first kickoff and shit talking will follow shortly after. The excitement!

Week One:
This week I face “Jake from StateFarm” and boy it can’t get any easier. Phil really needs to find something he good at because this fantasy football stuff isn’t it.

QB matchup: Stafford vs Matt Ryan
I have Stafford facing one of the easiest defensive back fields in the league, The Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings gave up the 3rd most fantasy points to QBs last season. The vikings are the vikings and havent made significant changes defensivly. He is projected to get 21 points and he will easily get those points. It’s what he does as a top 10 QB!
Matt Ryan faces the New Orleans Saints who gave up the most points to QBs. This was without Sean Peyton coaching and the suspension of a few defensive players. I don’t think this defense will be as easy as last year. In addition this is a division rivalry and the Saints are going to want to make a statement this game. Either way this game will be a shoot out.

Advantage: Jake from Statefarm by 1-5 points

WR matchup: Torrey Smith, Cecil Shorts, Victor Cruz vs Damaryius Thomas, Bowe, Desean Jackson
Torrey is the only receiving option in Baltimore. Flacco needs to get him the ball to extend plays and give Ray Rice a break. He faces Denver which is a good defense but will be dealing with suspensions and injuries on the defensive side. Peyton will be putting up points and Baltimore will ditch the running game and air the ball out.
Cecil Shorts will get a lot of looks with Blackmon serving his suspension but it will be MJD running that offense until further notice.
The New York Giants like to throw the ball and Eli likes throwing it to Victor Cruz. I expect to see Salsa twice versus the unproven Cowboys. These guys always play a good game and scoring will be in the 20s as usual
Damaryius will be the victim of too many mouths to feed in Denver. That’s why I didn’t think he was a smart draft choice this season. He will get a few looks deep but not enough to make a splash to start the fantasy football season.
Bowe is facing a pudding of a defense in Jacksonville. Alex Smith will get him the ball this game and frequently. Great matchup for Bowe.
Desean Jackson will be in a game that is going to be run, run, run. I don’t see either the Eagles or Redskins throwing it much this game.

Advantage: Chavez by 5-10 points

RB matchup: CJ Spiller, Chris Ivory vs Ray Rice, Matt Forte.
This is is. This is why I drafted CJ Spiller. He faces a stout New England Defense this week but with his talent and amount of workload he will get he will produce points. It may not be pretty and amazing plays but he will get points, especially since he is the only one in Buffalo with any type of play making ability.
I expect a lot of check down passes to Chris Ivory from Geno Smith. The Jets need to keep it simple for Genos first NFL game. There will be lots of short passes and run plays. Chris Ivory will be sharing time with Bilal Powell but Ivory is the guy the want running the ball. If he doesn’t get hurt I expect a decent game from Ivory.
It’s Ray Rice. He will get the ball plenty of times and will break a few for great yardage. I’m not worried about mile high stadium or Denver’s defense. Ray Rice is a star no matter who or where he plays.
Another RB that will see the ball plenty of times and will score early is Matt Forte. Cincinnati is an up and coming team with a good defense but I think with the amount of yards and the touchdown Matt Forte will be fine against anyone.

Advantage: Jake from Statefarm by 10-15 points

TE matchup: Jimmy Graham vs Jason Witten
I don’t expect any surprises from Jimmy Graham and the New Orleans Saints. He will get his 50-70 yards with a TD or 2. He is a big target for Drew Brees in the Red Zone. The fact that they also face the Falcons gives me a feeling it will be a shoot out.
Romo will get Witten the ball when he isn’t giving it to his boy Dez Bryant. Witten is a consistent TE that will give you 30-50 yards and may or may not score a TD. I don’t see Witten getting the TD this game though.

Advantage: Chavez by 5-10 points

Flex matchup: Issac Redman vs Lamar Miller
Issace Redman was named the starter for the Pittsburg Steelers but the team will focus on throwing the ball until the find the main guy or until Bell comes back. The fact that he will be facing the Titans who gave up the 4th most points to RB makes me feel a bit better that Redman can produce something this game.
Miller is the starter in Miami and does not face much competition from Danial Thomas. Now the samething was said about Danial Thomas last year and look at him now. I think we will see if Miller is the guy they want him to be early if not they will fall back on just chucking the ball out to Wallace all game. The browns are not that bad of a defense either so they can give this young squad problems offensively.

Advantage: Even.

DEF/Kicker matchup: St Louis vs San Francisco.
St Louis face the Arizona Cardinals that still have no running game. The Cardinals do finally have a quarterback that can get the ball out to Larry Fitzgerald, but I feel that the defensive backs in St Louis are better than they get credit for so I think they will be able to handle and control the Arizona Cardinal offense from going off. Low score game is in the works
San Francisco are hosting the Green Bay Packers. I will never bet against Aaron Rodgers and think this game will be entertaining to watch. Green Bay is no slum of an offense and can put up points if they need too. Typical score game is probably what you will get.

Advantage: Chavez by 1-5 points.

Victory: Chavez.
So this matchup won’t end with me killing Phil as I would have hoped for but it is a win! So fuck off Phil you suck.